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07:02 15 Jul 20
Thanks for organizing all our utilities swiftly !
06:12 04 Jul 20
Excellent service it makes moving so much easier when you have someone to help set everything up for you, and also remind you of things to set up that you may have forgotten! Absolutely great service, id use them again!!
Arnav Sharma
Arnav Sharma
01:27 11 Jun 20
Very friendly staff helped me choose the best deals and made sure everything was ready before we move. Highly recommended
Lauren Day
Lauren Day
20:36 28 May 20
Movinghub were brilliant, a very quick online survey, a phone call to confirm a few things and it was all done. It couldn't have been easier! Jordan even called to say he found a better option than the one I originally selected. I was dreading connecting everything, but this was fast, easy and painless!
swapna thomas
swapna thomas
01:39 30 Apr 20
They were very helpful and the person who I was speaking with was very polite and cheerful.
Christine Chen
Christine Chen
01:23 21 Apr 20
Quick and easy. Abel has helped me to arrange the essential home setting I need with effortless.
Lianne Viera
Lianne Viera
23:02 15 Apr 20
Very easy service to use and made my energy connection very simple. Nice to have it taken care of during a stressful time moving during Covid-19
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Real Estate Agent? Offer utility connections using the Movinghub solution

Real estate agents understand that moving home leads to a long list of to-dos and this is why a utility connection software is necessary to make it as stress-free as possible.

A great real estate agent knows that handing the keys over to a buyer is only the beginning of a great sale. Effective real estate agents believe that helping your clients move in comfortably into their new home is a service that will make you unforgettable. Successful real estate agents exhaust everything possible to provide their clients with the best.

Moving home leads to a lot of stress and has many demands. Great real estate agents would like to capitalize on that. A great real estate agent understands that moving home leads to a long list of to-dos and therefore a reliable utility connection software platform  is necessary to make it as stress-free as possible.

Purchasing a property is only the first step. Moving home leads you need to switching over utilities, packing up your previous homes and just getting one’s home move-in ready. Providing service even after the contract is inked is what will make any real estate agent stand out.

Thus, the importance of a white label utility connection software. A utility connection software platform for real estate becomes of great assistance to both the agent and their clients. A white label utility connection software platform makes it possible to make the move as smooth as possible.

Movinghub is the go-to technology of choice for real estate agents in Australia and New Zealand.

Movinghub Australia CEO Kris Bondin says, “It’s all about going that extra mile for your client. It’s about providing them with easier ways to deal with one of the most stressful moves of their lives.”

A reliable white label utility connection software adds value to existing services and also improves client interaction because it provides the agent’s clients with ways to make the move easier.

It’s all about going that extra mile for your client. It’s about providing them with easier ways to deal with one of the most stressful moves of their lives.

Why Movinghub?

Movinghub, through its team of Movologists help clients move. It is more than just connecting electricity, gas, or broadband but also improving the experience through a Net Promoter Score or NPS that ensures that excellent customer service is delivered at all times.

The customer experience management can range from choosing from a reliable team of Movologists who manage the end to end customer journey through to a real estate agent owning and managing the entire customer experience within its existing team. With many services offered including garden upkeep, packing and unpacking, and even dealing with plumbing issues, clients will surely leave them satisfied. Movologists are experts that make the move easier for everyone involved.

Movinghub’s utility connection software allows you to have a central database that is accessible for a real estate’s team to know what’s happening with each client with just a click. It allows a team to embed a complete a consumer online move experience on their website in minutes. For the group CEO Michael Dornan, it’s all about streamlining the process, “With this, there’s no need to contact third party agents. This can make an already complicated process even more difficult. With Movinghub, real estate agents have the advantage and they can use that advantage to help their clients.”

To get started with Movinghub’s white label utility connection software call Movinghub on 1300 744 334