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One click to start unlocking new revenue.

Exclusive partnership between PropertyTree and Movinghub

Give tenants their own Movologist and earn extra revenue

Using a single interface within PropertyTree, Property professionals can quickly activate a utility connection service using Movinghub to help connect new tenants, improve the new tenant on-boarding experience, as well as generate referral revenue.


Single sign-on. No need to remember multiple login and passwords, open multiple apps. It all takes time. One click activation in Property Tree configuration, and you can start using Movinghub. Minimal impact on your existing tenant on boarding process. Regular email communication keeps you informed of the status of your Movinghub referral and earnings.


When tenants opt in, your property manager activates their Movinghub utilities connection service in just one click in PropertyTree. The best part? Every time tenants connect a service via Movinghub, you earn referral revenue.


White glove moving service designed to help your tenant have all services connected prior to moving in. All tenants are assigned a personal Movologist to guide them into their new property with access to 24 service categories to choose from.

Designed to simplify utility connections


Your utility connection service offering allows you to choose up to 25 different service categories ranging from services such a connection of Electricity & Gas to  a cleaner.


Enhance your brand by creating your very own utility connections brand in minutes, extend your branded service offering as opposed to referring to a seperate utility connection brand.


We like to be fair with rewarding your business that balances superior on shore customer service.  Your business will have access to Movologists to service your clients.


As the market leader in utility connection technology, we’ve partnered with leading software providers to reduce data entry.  We also have many other efficient ways to promote the service and refer clients.

Data Ownership

Your client under our utility connection ownership structure, means you own your data.  That’s what we believe is fair, use our technology to communicate with your clients and stay in touch offering more value.


Unlike the major utility connection companies, our entity is independently owned by one shareholder, Michael Dornan.  Our company will never share or sell your client data with related business entities.

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