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Campaign Manager

Improve your customer value proposition while generating revenue with little effort

Dashboard for companies to view performance of and configure their white label solutions. Configure multiple white label solutions and campaigns, manage agents, set commission share, view history, track commissions and enable/disable service providers.

This utility connection technology solution is suitable for all types of companies with clients that move home or are looking to switch providers. Clients can complete applications online, or be referred through to a Movologist using our entry point technology. Capture leads (referral) and sales (fulfilment) using these entry points:

  • API Integration (platform to platform)
  • Agent Dashboard
  • Embeddable ‘Move’ widgets
  • SnapYourApp
  • File Upload
  • Custom UI

Customer Relationship Management

Evolve the moving home experience with our full stack cloud-based CRM.

The multifaceted white-label utility connection platform is capable of organising multiple services across a range of categories including energy, broadband, insurance and finance as well as moving and maintenance services. Fully licensable and comes with a suite of solutions, the suite is designed for companies with an existing call centre or those planning to create one.

  • Seamless API integration with service providers + referral partners
  • Multiple UI (entry point technology)
  • Multiple workflow options
  • Full reporting + reconciliation capabilities
  • End to end fulfilment + referral options
  • Appointment scheduler
  • Email + SMS automation

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Expand your network, provide more services to your customers and do everything under your own brand. 

Thousands of people around Australia move home everyday. Multiple businesses assist with each and every move. There are many things to stress about in life, but moving shouldn’t be one of them

What if your business could offer not just your core service, but also offer additional services to create convenience for your clients and extend the value your company offers?

Movinghub helps customers move home everyday by integrating our utility connection software into other companies allowing them to list more than the product or service they already provide. Your business could be listed on multiple websites where our customers can generate new leads & businesses for you. 

Does your company excel in the moving home space? Would you like to register as a preferred provider and receive moving home leads?  Give us a call on 1300 744 334.

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