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07:02 15 Jul 20
Thanks for organizing all our utilities swiftly !
06:12 04 Jul 20
Excellent service it makes moving so much easier when you have someone to help set everything up for you, and also remind you of things to set up that you may have forgotten! Absolutely great service, id use them again!!
Arnav Sharma
Arnav Sharma
01:27 11 Jun 20
Very friendly staff helped me choose the best deals and made sure everything was ready before we move. Highly recommended
Lauren Day
Lauren Day
20:36 28 May 20
Movinghub were brilliant, a very quick online survey, a phone call to confirm a few things and it was all done. It couldn't have been easier! Jordan even called to say he found a better option than the one I originally selected. I was dreading connecting everything, but this was fast, easy and painless!
swapna thomas
swapna thomas
01:39 30 Apr 20
They were very helpful and the person who I was speaking with was very polite and cheerful.
Christine Chen
Christine Chen
01:23 21 Apr 20
Quick and easy. Abel has helped me to arrange the essential home setting I need with effortless.
Lianne Viera
Lianne Viera
23:02 15 Apr 20
Very easy service to use and made my energy connection very simple. Nice to have it taken care of during a stressful time moving during Covid-19
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One powerful solution, many features to make your life easier

Our Product Unpacked

Learn about the tools and features that make the Movinghub solution work for thousands of businesses.

Setup Branded Campaigns

Setup one or multiple Campaigns to facilitate different areas of your business. For example, you may setup a campaign for various office locations or different departments within your business or maybe even for individual colleagues, the choice is yours.
Within each campaign you can customise many things, from your customer journey right through to the commission share between administrators and agents, campaign administrators have full control.
One of the magical things about our campaigns is that they can be specially branded to suit your business, from the logo, to the colour palette and right down to a unique campaign name, we give you the power.

Invite Your Team

You don't have to manage or refer customers into a campaign yourself, simply invite Sales Agents to assist in promoting and offering utility connections and home services to their clients. In turn, your sales agent team will then refer those clients into the system to be assisted with services.
You also have the flexibility to be able to invite Customer Service representatives who will be able to assist referred customers through the basic move process by helping them select services and facilitating their move.

Add Referrals - Integrate or Upload

Our solution provides multiple pathways you can utilise to refer customers into the system to be serviced, it really depends on what will work best for your campaign and business.
Choose from a wide range of integration or upload options. Movinghub is affiliated with many leading software solutions that enable the seamless integration of customer data into our system instantly.
It's also very easy to refer via your campaign dashboard, various campaign microsites or via the Movinghub partner app.

Service Referrals - Webforms

We have a number of options available to assist you in servicing your leads. One way is for our Movologist team to assist your customers over the phone or another way is to use your own customer service assistants. However, we also have another option using Webforms that you can create to suit your needs. Develop webforms that can be utilised in email and sms campaigns, or embed them into your website. An example of why you might create a webform is to assist your customers to arrange their complete home move online or you may even create a form that will enable a client to run a bill review.

Marketplace - Service Providers

Expand your existing network of service providers and offer your customers a wider variety of home services by utilising Movinghub's provider relationships within our Marketplace. Simply activate or deactivate your chosen providers from our market leading provider panel. Also manage your own provider relationships within the Marketplace to service your customers and track their progress with our dashboard analytics.

Dashboard - Workspace

Within your Hub Dashboard is a Workspace that allows you to manage your business at 3 different levels, an administrator, campaign administrator or sales agent. This allows you to view and manage multiple campaigns or different businesses under a single login.


One of the advantages of offering your customers added services are the commissions you receive when they connect or use a service. As administrator and/or campaign administrator you get to decide how these commissions are shared amongst your business or colleagues and is all customisable under each campaign. We also provide you with complete transparency when it comes to which services your customers have used and what your expected commission amount will be. Your dashboard will also provide insights to when your money is redeemable and paid.

Movinghub Features


We’ve designed our entire solution to allow you to brand it how you want, your customers will feel every touch point though our solution is an extension of your brand.

Workflow Engine

Automate workflows to nurture your leads and customers, nurture your leads through stages of your sales process, update statuses, automate emails and sms.

Multi-Level Dashboards

Manage your business at 3 different levels, from one to multiple hierarchy, allowing you to view and manage multiple campaigns or different businesses under a single login.

Customer Service Staff

Invite your customer service staff to manage your customer experience, only available on campaigns using the Connections Plus licence, your staff manage end to end connections for your clients.

Mobile App

Our mobile app allows you to manage your customers and connections on the move, manage multiple campaigns, customers, reporting and much more, find out here

Inbound and outbound email

Use your own email domain to further extend the white-label branded experience for your customers, add multiple emails and domains for different campaigns.


Setup reports the way you want, visualise your data in tables or graphs, share the data with 3rd parties or your teams, visibility into every aspect of a campaign or multiple campaigns.


You will have direct access to various teams to support you, be it your dedicated account manager, your Movologist to manage your connections or our support team regarding payments.


Create multiple branded campaigns to segment your business and lead funnels, manage multiple brands/experiences under one login and report across each campaign collectively or independently.


Create webforms you can use in email and sms campaigns, or embed them into your website, examples would include the ability to produce an online form for your clients to move home.

Enterprise Dashboards

Enterprise and Large Corporates can manage a complex business hierarchy and gain valuable BI and MI insights into the performance of their network or campaigns.


Use our teams solution to segment your staff into teams to support your clients, select which teams manage which campaigns, segment by brand, experience, lead type or customer demographic.

Bill Review Module

Our Energy Bill Review Module allows you to review your customers bills on a regular basis, if you can save them money, provide a solution to switch them to a new provider.

SMS Integrations

Choose from our list of SMS integrations, once enabled you can send SMS’s to your clients for a variety of reasons, automate using the workflow or push notifications out about connections.


Our Enterprise solution allows you to manage end to end reporting and reconciliation of our providers or your providers, make sure you are getting paid by the providers you connect clients too.


Create branded landing pages for your customers, these mini websites can be set up for a multitude of reasons, embed webforms and share with your customers via short links in emails and sms.

Sales Portal

Create a branded portal for your sales staff to login and manage their leads and reporting, our commitment to white-label means not even your internal staff need to see it’s powered by Movinghub.


Lead Management Engine allows you to manage your leads in a CRM, with all the tools you need to sort data into relevant segments to focus on what's most important to you.

Our Marketplace

Use our growing marketplace or providers to connect your customers' services, if you don’t want to use one of our providers you can simply disable them and add your own.

NPS Module

Customer satisfaction is critical, and the best way to understand how your customer feels about the service you offer is to ask them, our NPS solution can be embedded into emails and sms.

Connect Module

Our Connect Module allows you to support your clients via email and chat, if your client has an issue they can raise a ticket or chat, if you have an issue you can also raise a ticket or chat with us.


We have integrated with a large number of CRM’s from a wide variety of industries, these integrations allow you to quickly pull data into a campaign and begin to service those clients.

Customer Portal

Provide a branded portal to your customers to communicate with you, refer and track customer referrals, and your customers can utilise your provider marketplace and remain connected to you.

Connection Tracker

Let your customers track their connections in real time, no more waiting and wondering if your electricity is going to be connected or your broadband connection is set up.

Sales Staff

Invite your sales staff to join your campaign, sales staff generate leads and can be individually reported on and rewarded on their performance.

Your Marketplace

Add or invite your own providers into the marketplace to be used alongside our providers providing you and your customers with one seamless journey to connect your clients.

Customer Reviews Module

If your customer is happy with your service, allow them to leave a review on a public website such as Google reviews, TrustPilot, BBB and more, you can also direct negative feedback away from the public.

Appointment Scheduler

Setup appointments with your customers or allow them to set up appointments with you, or adjust the time should they need to reschedule.


We have a full API to allow you to develop products and experiences for your clients, you can create online journeys, pull data out for reporting, automate tasks from your systems into ours and much more.

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