Simply select one of the 3 options below and input the number of clients you service each month.

Let’s just assume you service customers per month.
The traditional model in utility connections would typically equate to per month.
Now, using the latest and greatest technology in utility connections, your business would earn approximately per month. Wow, that’s a difference of , per year. As we offer a complete moving solution and the most number of services in the industry, this may earn you an additional .

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White Label
  • Pay nothing and earn a share of commissions.
  • Setup within minutes, we take care of everything.
  • Leverage our call-centre of Movologists to answer and service your customers.
  • We organise provider contracts, call recordings and compliance, quality assurance, product selection and much more.
  • You can choose to keep 100% of your allocated commission or share a proportion with your partners and/or staff who refer customers through the platform.

Get Started
  • Pay a monthly upfront fee
  • Get all the same services as a Revenue Share, but you retain a larger share of commission.

Get Started
Licensed CRM
  • Setup and run your own Utilities Connection Business using the entire platform.
  • Leverage your own provider contracts and call centre capabilities.
  • Powerful and lucrative, tailored to suit large businesses.

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