(n. Mov-ol-o-gist)

  1. One who specialises in the science of moving home.
  2. Title pertaining to the study of the moving home journey and its best practices.
  3. Movinghub.

Let us save your time and money on every utility connection service.

That’s right, moving home is as one of the most stressful and time-consuming life events people ever undertake, and many don’t know there is an ‘ology’ dedicated to helping people through it. 

Movologist™ is a moving expert armed with the task of helping you move home. We know moving can be stressful and things don’t always go to plan which is why we have a dedicated team on hand to help. In short, our Movologist™ is your new best friend.

Our Movologist™ will help you compare and choose from a range of leading service providers, to suit your household requirements. We take the time consuming task of arranging all your utility and home service connections off your to-do list. Our FREE moving service will shape your moving home experience the way it should be – awesome and hassle free! 

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