Movinghub Partnership with Agentbox For Better Service

Utility connection software for real estate provides your business with a number of benefits.​

Movinghub Joins Forces with Agentbox For Better Service

Real estate is a changing landscape. Technology has greatly impacted the real estate industry in a way that positively impacts customer service and experience.

The reason why Agentbox, the number one Real Estate CRM solution in Australia has teamed up with Movinghub is to add value to its real estate clients. Movinghub’s white utility connection technology gives customers the unique ability to streamline the process of moving with the help of a Movologist.  

Agentbox is used by Australia’s fastest growing agencies as the company delivers comprehensive solutions to clients across sales and property management in Australia. Known for its industry – leading data management trusted by Australia’s leading agents and agencies, Agentbox has set itself apart making it the number one and most trusted data management and market leading mobile solution. Agentbox’s client CRM and Sales Trust are unparalleled and often praised for its ease of use, speed and the depth of its functionality.

Agentbox is a proven comprehensive agency management solution used by Australia’s leading agents and agencies – ranking #1 for the past 3 years and with 30% of the top 100 and 40% of the top 10 agents as clients, according to REB’s Top 100 Ranked Agents 2017. Real estate professionals have praised Agentbox for their dedication to making the life of agents better by improving efficiency and accelerating sales performance.

Agentbox’s vision complements Movinghub’s own desire to provide real estate agents with more efficient ways to cater to their clients. Movinghub’s white-label utility connection technology allows a mover’s journey to be less stressful and more efficient. Movinghub Integration with AgentBox allows for agents to reach out to their customers and serve them even after a sale has been completed.Through Movinghub’s white-label utility connection software, clients are able to easily glide into the process of moving and all of its steps such as connect utilities and moving from a former place into a new one with ease. Movinghub’s Integration includes the use of a Movologist or an expert that help clients through the moving process with a couple of clicks.

Movinghub AU CEO Kris Bondin  says, “We are all about integration and by combining the strengths of Movinghub and Agentbox, we are creating a better space for real estate agents. Not only will they improve the lives of their clients but now the opportunity for their services are widened. This partnership proves that we can capitalize on each other’s strengths that is mutually beneficial for everyone.”

A partnership for the books, this will definitely put together all the important things that will make a homeowner’s transition easy.

Together, Agentbox and Movinghub aim to use the best both worlds as they offer more solutions to real estate agents. Combining Agentbox’s and Movinghub’s Integration offers the best that the industry can benefit from.

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