Move to New Zealand

Movinghub is your one stop solution to relocating to New Zealand. Moving abroad presents new and exciting opportunities but it can be an extremely difficult time. Organizing not only the move but also arranging utilities and services when you arrive can be time consuming and a major headache.

Sorting our Services and Utilities when you arrive

So you’ve just landed in New Zealand, you get off the plane and are on the way to your new home. Your furniture and belongings are on their way and you are inside your new house. You have a start date for your new job, the kids are already enrolled in school. The contract for your new house or apartment is signed. So far so good. Everything seems to be in order. Wrong. You open the door to your new house and there’s no electricity. There’s no water. There’s no heating or TV. Your utilities are not connected. You’ve forgotten a major part of the moving process. There’s no way to prepare a meal, have a shower or keep warm.

It is easily done, but failing to connect utilities is a major problem and can make your move to New Zealand a nightmare.

Movinghub Connect Utilities for You

What you need is a comprehensive service that helps you organize every aspect of your move. Movinghub not only provides furniture removal quotes, packing, storage and cleaning but also connects your essential utilities.

  • Connect electricity
  • Connect gas
  • Connect water
  • Connect telephone
  • Connect internet

Movinghub assist you in connecting you phone and broadband, gas, electricity and water. We even arrange for pay TV if you require it. As soon as you move in, you can rest assured that you will have a welcoming home, with hot water, electricity and internet. We know how tiring and stressful an international move is, which is why we make life as easy as possible for you, right up to the moment you walk through the door of your new home. Think of it as our way of welcoming you to New Zealand.

Pick the Services you Need for Our Checklist

Movinghub provide a fantastic user friendly service. Simply choose which services you need from us through an online form and we will contact you to finalise. Our service is free, friendly and comprehensive so rest assured that everything will be taken care of. By collating your move information in one form, we are then able to forward your particulars to the selected service providers you have chosen, they in turn will contact you with quotes, booking times or to discuss terms and conditions. We are here to save you time. No longer do you need to spend hours on the phone making arrangements with individual service providers. With Movinghub you take control of your move in one phone call.

Trust Movinghub to make your move to New Zealand as smooth as possible. We connect utilities ahead of time, so you can hit the ground running when you arrive. Let us welcome you to New Zealand.