Home Service Provider? Use Movinghub’s White Label Software

Movinghub white label utility connection software, simplifies the moving process for consumers and enables home providers to offer a complete moving home service.

A home service provider’s goal is simple: to provide comfort and ease to all their customers. Technology has enabled home service providers this edge by offering ways to deliver customer requirements through an automated referral process. Just like everything else in this modern world, innovative software is now available to make moving home as easy as possible.

Movinghub white label utility connection software for service providers, is the secret to offer a comprehensive and a more efficient service. Businesses who use the white label utility connection software also provide themselves with a new revenue stream by earning commissions from every utility connection their customers make.

Streamlining utilities through Movinghub white label utility connection software for home service companies is a growing practice in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom.

How It Works

Home energy management is one of the fast-rising emerging markets all over the world. For the first time ever, residential customers are now able to access an app that provides a better way to manage their utilities at home.

As an example, residential owners can now compare electricity, gas and internet through the use of energy comparison software, and internet comparison software.

Movinghub provides a way for home service providers to give their clients the opportunity to determine which utility provider works best for them. Movinghub defines themselves as ‘technology that moves people’ and this includes giving them options on the best way to make use of what is in their homes.

Finding the best utility providers have never been this easier.

With Movinghub’s white label utility connection software, they are able to provide home providers with a service unlike no other. Movinghub’s energy comparison software gives homeowners a chance see which energy provider will best suit their budget. This knowledge proves to be powerful and assists consumers to save money by making sure they’re on a great plan.

To get started with Movinghub’s white label utility connection software call Movinghub on 1300 744 334

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