Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any integration options?

Yes, this is Movinghub’s preference. There are integrations options exclusively via Property Tree, Agentbox, Real Time Agent, Matter Centre and Data Katch.

What does the white label offer?

When the lead is created they are sent and email to let them know they will be called and when a lead is closed. These can be given your logo and when Movinghub call it can be on behalf of your agency. You can also create a landing page, with your branding, for your website where people can put in their own details in order to be contacted. All of this is simple and easy to set up and is a matter of loading a few of your logos. White labelling costs you nothing.

What services can you offer and connect?

There are 26 services which can assist client pre and post moving home. Starting with Electricity, Gas, Broadband and Pay TV. Other services include storage, removalists, cleaning, plumbing, electricians and locksmiths. Movinghub also connects water in Victoria, Australia.

How often do I receive payment for the leads I put through?

Payday is scheduled at the end of a billing cycle, generally on the 28th day of each month, or next business day. Depending upon payment method, it may take up to 10 days to receive the commission.

How do I receive payment?

Commissions are paid each month via multiple payment methods such as bank transfer.

How do I refer a client?

There are numerous ways to refer a client to Movinghub. Firstly via any software integration, SnapYourApp or one of our other entry points such as a basic website form.

Do you integrate with 1Form?

New agents must email and inform 1form that your utility connections provider is Movinghub. Request that 1form update your profile to reflect this ASAP.

Do you offer temporary connections?

Can be processed on behalf of the agent. Please seek further information from your Account Manager regarding process.

How will you communicate with my clients?

We can service your clients via phone or email.

Do you have tenancy forms we can use?

Tenancy forms can be designed by Movinghub. We have a number of templates our Account Management team can organise for your with your Real Estate’s details and logo.

How do I know my client has been contacted?

Via logging into the Movinghub dashboard, all referral statuses are available in real time including estimated commissions.

Still have questions? Search our knowledge base for answers or submit a ticket and we’ll get back to you.