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Leanne Sorby

Account Manager at Movinghub - VIC

I'd love to meet you and demonstrate Movinghub's leading utility connection platform.

Introducing the market leader in utility connection technology

Movinghub prides itself as the leader in utility connection technology, giving more features and benefits than ever before.

When was the last time you checked how beneficial your current connection company is for your business?

What makes us different?


Enhance your brand by creating your very own utility connections brand in minutes, extend your brand ed service offering as opposed to referring to a separate utility connection brand.


We like to be fair with rewarding your business that balances superior on shore customer service.  Your business will have access to Movologists to service your clients.

Data Ownership​

Your client under our utility connection ownership structure, means you own your data.  That's what we believe is fair, use our technology to communicate with your clients and stay in touch offering more value.

Mobile App

Various methods to refer customers including our mobile application, SnapYourApp


Your utility connection service offering allows you to choose up to 25 different service categories ranging from services such a connection of Electricity & Gas to  a cleaner.


As the market leader in utility connection technology, we've partnered with leading software providers to reduce data entry.  We also have many other efficient ways to promote the service and refer clients.


Unlike the major utility connection companies, our entity is independently owned by one shareholder, Michael Dornan.  Our company will never share or sell your client data with related business entities.


Transparent dashboard allows your business to see exactly when you can expect to receive commissions and real time customer updates

Who Am I?

Having worked in the real estate industry for over 10 years, I am passionate about building trusted relationships with my clients to understand their business while streamlining processes to increase their overall efficiencies. The Movinghub solution allows a business to provide an end to end customer experience and go above and beyond the usual level of service that your competition is offering. Please get in touch if you’d like me to demonstrate how Movinghub will add value to your business.

What my customers
have to say?

Software integration partners

Driving technology for leading brands

Frequently Asked Questions

About Movinghub

Movinghub are 100% Australian owned and operated.  With systems and market leading white-label technology, we felt it was key to transforming the utility connection industry, empower existing brands to manage their customer experience by driving additional services and value.

Many businesses have been using utility connections businesses to refer their clients.  Why refer your clients to another brand when you can extend your brand and create your own utility connections service.

Due to the scaleability of our platforms, we’ve built a commissions platform that shares commissions from providers as a percentage.  This percentage paid will vary due to service providers and plans paying Movinghub different amounts.  We’ve done our research and we’re confident a percentage based model will be competitive.

Commissions are paid each month via multiple payment methods such as bank transfer.

Movinghub has many ways clients can be referred.  From using our mobile app “SnapYourApp” which doesn’t require any data entry to API where your client referral will be received directly into our system.

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Download our Tenancy Application Form and Referral Flyer (A4)

Tenancy Application Form and Referral Flyer

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