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Movinghub created 3000 utility connection brands across Australia and New Zealand in less than two years.

by: Moataz.A.Moneam

Michael Dornan, Group CEO

"We can create a truly integrated process that your clients will love."

Movinghub’s main mission can be summarized by the group CEO’s quote “We can create a truly integrated process that your clients will love” -this refers to the turnkey consumer service revolution, which started when Movinghub was established in 2010. The business world received a new unique technological experience that would change how the existing Utilities Connection Market operated. The connection technology was revealed to the digital world, delivering a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that helps bridge the gap between service providers and customers who are searching for a specific service or product when moving home or switching providers. 

The SaaS technology covers most of the needs of customers who are moving home, and helps businesses that use our technology to help their customers with those services in a seamlessly integrated way. When Dornan founded Movinghub, after 8 years of designing and building a utilities connection start-up, he was thinking of a simpler way to improve the moving process for the mover with the company offering the service and the service provider at the same time.

“What confused me is why as a real estate agent you would send one of their customers onto a third party if you didn’t have to” says Michael Dornan , He added,” I thought it would be much better to manage that customer experience themselves, narrow the gap so that you could provide a better and more streamlined moving experience for the mover, the solution is suitable for all types of companies with clients that move home or are looking to switch providers.”

Movinghub focuses on delivering B2B2C solutions and has created several market leading products, the three main products are the Campaign manager, Customer relationship management and Marketplace, which connects more than 20 service categories with hundreds of different providers and products.

“Our mission is focusing on how to bring technology that provides software as a service solutions, that facilitate the connection between service providers and direct customers through a set of various products that we offer, in order to help manage different business aspects”, says Gregg Crane Chief Product Officer of – Movinghub’s parent company. He added, “we are passionate about building complex technology that is easy to use, and creates efficiencies for both pro-sale and pre-sales, providing the necessary information needed for companies that use the technology to run efficiently.”

To help in the moving home process, Movinghub has a team of Movologists- an elite team of call centre specialists that manage all customer enquiries and assist in all aspects of moving, taking the ‘pain out of the process’. “I came with the name Movologist from the term “Movology”. When I researched about it- this was extracted from the word maven. I found that in one of my books it means the trusted expert in a particular field who passes the relevant knowledge and insights to others in a particular area and that’s exactly what Movologists offer to our customers”, Gregg said.

Among all moving home service companies in Australia Movinghub has achieved a unique selling point by helping customers actually move, not just switch. It’s an end-to-end process. How? Just by visiting the website, choosing the services they need and either completing the process online or wait for a Movologist to call them. The CEO for Movinghub Australia, Kris Bondin says, “we continue to provide our industry leading technology to small and large partners across the country, who see our knowledge and product suite as a key point of different in the market.”

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